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Cashifi is no stranger to funding for construction operations and the type of capital required to grow a profit-driven enterprise. Our network of preferred lenders makes it easy to submit a single application and receive multiple financing options to compare.

Asset or Revenue-Based Financing

Consider getting an advance against assets or future revenue that has yet to be paid. You typically get a lump sum up front that you can use for a down payment on heavy equipment, delivery fees, or training costs. Once that revenue comes in, you’ll repay the advance as well as a lender fee.

    1-15 months
    Up to 90% of receivables

Debt Financing

Both online term loans and SBA loans can be used to finance heavy equipment and related soft costs. Online loans come with the fastest turnaround times and easiest application processes, while there are several types of SBA loans designed for major asset purchases like equipment.

    5-30 years
    $5 million

Line of Credit

A line of credit gives you ongoing access to funds you can borrow. So if you want to purchase some equipment now and wait to buy more as your projects grow, you can borrow only what you need at the time. And as you pay down your balance, your credit line is replenished and you can borrow more as needed.

    1-2 years
    Up to $500,000

Equipment Financing

Using an equipment loan for your purchase comes with competitive rates because the equipment itself is used as collateral. You can borrow large amounts and many lenders even allow you to finance soft costs like taxes and delivery.

    1-5 years
    $5 million

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a construction loan?2023-07-24T18:23:23+00:00

Construction financing is a type of loan where a lender or other financier provides funding for the borrower to purchase heavy equipment, like bulldozers. Lenders offer these loans for small businesses in the construction industry that either don’t want to use their working capital to buy the equipment up front or can’t pay for the equipment in cash. The borrower then repays the loan with interest over a specified time period. In heavy equipment financing arrangements, the heavy equipment itself usually serves as collateral for the funding. In some cases, additional collateral may be required to secure the financing.

What are the requirement to get a construction loan?2023-07-24T18:22:41+00:00

Each lender wants to feel confident that your construction company can repay the loan, and each lender’s requirements will vary. They may look at your business’ cash flow, credit score, and time in business, along with the type of equipment you want to finance.


What can I use heavy equipment financing for?2023-07-24T18:22:19+00:00

Heavy equipment financing can be used for any type of equipment or machinery your company may need, including bulldozers, pavers, lifts, compactors, and trucks.

Heavy equipment: Leasing vs. financing?2023-07-24T18:21:51+00:00

Leasing and financing heavy equipment are similar in that the person obtaining the equipment won’t need to purchase the machinery outright before using it. Instead, the leasee or borrower makes monthly payments on the equipment.

But financing and leasing also have their differences. For example, an equipment lease has a fixed term with a monthly rental fee that can’t be paid off early, while an equipment loan can be paid off early, with any remaining interest wiped clean.

Leasing also allows you to use the equipment itself as collateral, while you may need to provide additional collateral to secure equipment financing.

There are multiple structures available for equipment leasing. Depending on the structure, at the end of the lease you may either own the equipment in full, exercise the option to purchase the equipment, or return the equipment.

How hard is it to get a heavy equipment loan?2023-07-24T18:21:26+00:00

Heavy equipment loans are not as difficult to qualify for as some other forms of financing, like a traditional term loan from a bank. If you have been in business for several years and have a credit score of 620 or above, you have great chances of qualifying. The higher your credit score and the longer you’ve been in business, the higher the probability that you will qualify and get a favorable rate and term. If your business is very new, you might still qualify for heavy equipment financing if you have a higher credit score.

How many years can you finance heavy equipment?2023-07-24T18:21:03+00:00

Generally, heavy equipment financing has repayment terms that are linked to the expected lifespan of the equipment being financed. This is so the borrower isn’t paying a loan on equipment that can no longer be used. Expect heavy equipment loans to have repayment periods from one to five years, with some lenders offering terms up to 10 years.

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